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Duoxy – Treatment Hair System – Smooth Therapy

STEP 1: DUOXY – DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO has been specially developed to treat and clean hair with chemical residues and pollutants agents accumulated. Promotes effective dilatation of the cuticles of threads preparing the hair for capillary treatment.

STEP 2: DUOXY – TREATMENT HAIR SYSTEM-SMOOTH THERAPY, exclusive technology and advanced based on the synergy of protein and amino acid bio-compatible with the hair fiber. Formula rich in silk proteins, wheat and collagen that act deeply into the hair. The association of the products obtained from the formula allows for temporary change of the hair structure without fading the color of dyed hair, promoting the straightening and repair the damage caused by chemical processes in a single step. Reduces frizz while providing shine and natural looking movement. Suitable for all hair types, pregnant woman and children.

Content: 1L / 33,8 fl oz

Duoxy - Treatment Hair System - Smooth Therapy

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