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Natt Keratin Hair Treatment

STEP 1: NATT – CLARIFYING SHAMPOO purifies the hair, removing accumulated residues anda chemical pollutants that let it the hair heavy, opaque and dull. Opens the cuticle starting the biohydratation thus increasing the effectiveness of active treatment.

STEP 2: NATT – KERATIN HAIR TREATMENT, helps to restore the keratin in dry and damaged hair, promoting a heat-sealing the cuticle, untangle the thead of hair and prolongs the hair, leaving it light, soft and malleable. Its formula was enriched with emollient active amino acids that penetrate the cuticle of the thread of hair.

STEP 3: NATT – NEUTRALIZING MASK provides high moisture, pH balance, and closing of the cuticle. Its exclusive formula with protein, nutrients and complex keratin promotes the sealing of the cuticle, neutralizing residual alkalinity. Revitalizes, softens, nourishes, retoring balance and gloss of hair.

Content: 1L / 33,8 fl oz     –     500ml / 16,9 fl oz

Natt Keratin Hair Treatment

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