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Rallume Blond Platinum – Color protection

Shampoo was developed with the exclusive blend Nano Violet Complex, Açai and Vitamin E that gently cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes the hair color chemically treated. Eliminates yellowish tonality on the white, blond and gray hair, prolongs gradually the neutralization of color. The blend with anti-oxidant action, engaged in the repair and treatment of the hair fiber, providing hair stronger and more resilient, ensuring shine and vitality.

Conditioner was exclusively formulated to help detangle and keep treated hair. It contains a balanced combination of blend as Nano Violet Complex, Açai and Vitamin E that act as an agent to balance and fix the hair color, reducing the yellowish tonality in the hair white, blond, with highlights or discolored hair. Acts gradually to neutralize color. Revitalizes hair, leaving it soft, shiny, silky and nourished.

Content: 1L / 33,8 fl oz

Rallume Blond Platinum - Color protection

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